Free Ebook Until December 26th

Hey guys… I am offering free copies of my E-book We Do Not Wrestle With Flesh And Blood: The true story of a man’s death and resurrection (original version for secular audiences). I want to note that this book does have what could be considered by some as rough language (cussing). This is an intense, raw and powerful book and I wrote it as it happened. I did not sugar coat anything. So, just be aware of that when you gift it to others. Soon, I will have the edited version which will be geared towards a Christian audience. This book will not have the language that the original has. However, the E-book version is currently in the works right now and I don’t yet know when I will have that version up. You can find the christian paper back version at Barnes and Noble though and here’s a link for that title which is called And God Heard: The incredible true story of a man’s death and resurrection

To redeem your free E-book just visit this site and enter this code SSWSF.

Just click “Add To Cart”. You will have to set up an account with Smashwords to redeem your E-book but this is quick, easy and free. Once you do this you just enter that code and “Voila” the book is yours. Simply choose which type of E-book you want (Apple / Nook / Etc.) or just read it online at Smashwords.  You can also browse Smashwords and find other titles from authors that may be free or rebated. I pray that Jesus Christ blesses you and your families this Christmas season.

Kind regards,

Benjamin Smith

P.S- Please friend me on Facebook if you haven’t already. My FB name is Benjamin R. Smith (I’m the guy with the sun glasses on). Also, please like the book We Do Not Wrestle With Flesh and Blood once you have befriended me. Pass this onto as many friends as you want to and please re-post this link to your friends walls (this will help it go viral)!!!. You all would be doing me a huge service in getting this testimony out there. Also, I will be launching a Kickstarter project soon and posting my Kickstarter video on my blog (the one your on). Ill have regular updates on that. Take care and thank you so much for your support!

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